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#90/#95 Jaystrap

#90, #95

A 100% Rayon woven fabric tape designed for heavy-duty taping applications where tensile strength and adhesive qualities are demanded in a tape product. Jaystrap is offered with serrated-edge cut as standard. Powerful, hypo-allergenic rubber adhesive.

#90 Jaystrap Tan (shown above)

Prod. No. Size Packaging
#90-1515T 1" x 15 yds 1 Roll/Box
#90-1515T32 1" x 15 yds 32 Rls/Cs

#95 Jaystrap White (shown in inset above)

Prod. No. Size Packaging
#95-2510W 2.5cm x 10m 48 Rolls/Case
#95-3810W 3.8cm x 10m 32 Rolls/Case
#95-5010W 5.0cm x 10m 24 Rolls/Case
#95-3810W12 3.8cm x 10m 12 Rolls/Case

#90 close-up view




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