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Coatings and Laminations

Our expertise comes in the discipline of Natural and Synthetic adhesive rubber based surface coating applications. Our process ranges from single pass to multiple pass coats to ensure such qualities as:

  • Permanent Bondability
  • High Water Penetration Values
  • Consistent Thickness Gauges Across the Web

Industries for which we currently manufacture custom coatings and laminated fabrics and release liners include the Automotive, Hunting and Luggage industries.

Substrates, coated and/or combined fabrics, non-wovens and release liners are coated between 50" and 72" widths.

Additional capabilities include:

  • "Black-Out" Coatings
  • Non-Fray Coatings
  • Tie Coatings
  • Stretch Fabric Bandage PSA Coatings
  • Jumbo Tape Stock (Fabric) in a variety of colors for tape converters
  • Double-Sided Tapes with Fabric based substrate for Industry
  • Custom PSA Tapes using customer substrates
  • 100% Latex PSA Coatings available
  • In-line Trimming
  • Score Slitting and Rewinding
  • Pre & Post Inspection

We have additional capabilities to engineer and produce specially designed products to suit customer needs. Please inquire for additional information.





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All products manufactured by Jaybird & Mais, Inc. are processed with environmentally safe technology.

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