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Adhesive Hockey Tapes



A multi-purpose cloth adhesive tape manufactured with first quality woven fabrics and exclusive adhesive formulations.With upgraded adhesive specifications in 2010, these products are designed to bond to sticks, pads and socks perfectly. #299 products are hand tearable and boast excellent tensile strength for the most demanding applications.

Standard colors are White and Black.

Additional color options: Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Green, Gold, Hot Pink, and Bright Yellow (new for 2011).

Size Color Rolls/Case
1" x 30 yards White & Colors 72
1" x 25 yards White & Colors 72
1" x 20 yards White & Colors 96
1" x 15 yards White & Black only 128
1" x 60 yards White & Black only 32
1½" x 15 yards White & Black only 80
1½" x 30 yards White & Black only 45
1½" x 60 yards White & Black only 20
Export Sizes
Size Color Rolls/Case
24mm x 25m White & Colors 72
24mm x 50m White & Black Only 32


Printed hockey tapes using the best quality Jaybird fabrics in a variety of print styles. All colors are colorfast. Jaybird - the original printed Hockey tape.

Product Size Print Rolls/Case
299-1020JR 1" x 20 yards Jolly Roger 96

#299 Printed (Jolly Roger print)

#310 and #320


A durable poly film tape which is transparent in color. #320 has excellent stretch qualities and is hand tearable for easy use. Designed to be applied over the hockey socks to keep shin guards in place.

Product Sizes Rolls/Case
320-1030J 1" x 30 yards 72
320-103036 1" x 30 yards 36


Jaybird’s double-sided black cloth stick blade tape. Light weight and durable rubber formulation and fabric. #310 comes with individual shrinkwrap. Made for blade protection application for greater puck grip and cushion.

Product Sizes Rolls/Case
310-3420J ¾" x 20 yards 100
310-1020J 1" x 20 yards 80



Jayco™ cohesive stretch tape boasts great colors, dry tack, exceptional stretch, hand tearable and thin characteristics make this product an excellent choice for the quality minded. Individually shrink-wrapped.

Available in: White, Black, Red, Blue, and mixed.

Product Color Size Rls/Cs
6000-1550BK Black 1½" x 5 yards 60
6000-1550RD Red 1½" x 5 yards 60
6000-1550BL Blue 1½" x 5 yards 60
6000-1550WH White 1½" x 5 yards 60
6000-1550MX Mixed* 1½" x 5 yards 60
*Mixed case includes Black, Red, & Blue.



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