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Cold Pack

Product Sizes Units/Case Description
 Instant Cold Pack
5" x 8" bag 24 A disposable compress in a sturdy, two-ply poly protective bag convenient for travel.

Adhesive Foam

Product Sizes Units/Case Description
 Adhesive Foam
5" x 72" x 1/8" per roll Latex foam substrate combined with a 100% latex-free zinc oxide adhesive on release paper. Uses include custom padding for lacerations, bumps, and bruises, etc.
 Adhesive Foam
5" x 72" x 1/4" per roll


Product Sizes Units/Case Description
#54 Tan Moleskin 9" x 4 yds 6 A softly brushed and remarkably strong dyed cotton fabric, coated with a powerful 100% latex-free zinc oxide adhesive on a release paper. Available in white or tan finish. Now available in two different thicknesses
#55 Tan Moleskin 12" x 5 yds 6
#58 White Moleskin 2" x 25 yds 24
#59 White Moleskin 3" x 25 yds 16
#63 Tan Moleskin 2" x 25 yds 24
#64 Tan Moleskin 3" x 25 yds 16

Product Sizes Units/Case Description
 Shoulder Pad Tape
2" x 25 yds 24 A double coated fabric tape on release paper. #270 will reduce jersey tackles, and will leave no adhesive residue on pads and jerseys. White zinc-oxide 100% latex-free adhesive.

Product Sizes Units/Case Description
Foam Underwrap
2" x 30 yds

(7.0cm x 27m)

48 A thin foam substrate that is strong, stretchable, and highly porous. Used under our adhesive sports medicine tapes for comfort and painless tape removal. Color: natural.

Product Sizes Units/Case Description
Athletic Tape
1" x 15 yds 12 Jaybird brand bleached white athletic tape with retail packaging.





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